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Our complete focus is to support SME leaders in building better businesses.

Helping leaders to break free from stagnation,
gain fresh insights,
unearth priorities,
and get results.


As leaders, we all face challenging times.

How that feels can be painful and needs support on a business AND human level.

Here are 6 common symptoms we solve.

You know you’re not where you expected to be by now

You’re probably frustrated, disappointed, and being hard on yourself because you’re not where you thought you would be by now. You want to know why and what you can do about it. We’ve fixed this many times.

You are not making the profit you want

You’re sure that your business has a place but it’s not bringing you any profit. Working hard for little return is demoralising. There are lots of levers you could pull to sort this. We help you choose the right ones.

You don’t have the financial stability you planned

Not sure why the numbers don’t add up and where to look first? Are you anxious about future financial stability? We can help to unravel the spaghetti and identify the underlying reasons.

You don’t know what to focus on for growth

Your growth is stagnant or has become a thorn in your side, and you’ve been grappling with why for a while now with little progress. You need a breakthrough in your thinking and confidence to start growing again. That’s what we do.

You don’t have access to a consistent, experienced ear

You’re an isolated leader or maybe you do have people around you, but anyway, nothing’s new, inspiration has evaporated. Our client relationships are impactful, experienced, and consistent. We face issues and fix things together.

You’re thinking that the time has come to sell

You’re maybe tired and been holding the fort for longer than you wanted, or it’s just the right time to take the cash and do something new. It’s been a pleasure to guide clients into a financially free new life.


Understanding the sources of your issues is the number one challenge you face. It’s a very important piece of work.

Getting this right is the gateway to your more productive, successful, and fulfilled future.

The Dynamic Diagnostic Process is fast, structured, simple, and uncovers your priorities unique to you and to your circumstances.


Diagnostic points


Personal Categories


Organisation categories


Unique & Bespoke Action Plan


Tom, Biotech CEO, U.S.


It’s not always about money, but it is for many. Here are some of the financial headlines that SME leaders have achieved where The Leader’s Diagnostic service has contributed significantly.

Some results have been achieved quickly, others are achieved over a longer period due to the complexity of the circumstance and leader’s desired outcome.


Turnover Increase


Increase in Profitability


Increase in Revenue


In Leader Exit Value


Along with a stronger financial outcome, leaders often want to operate differently, have greater fulfilment, and move into new areas of interest.

Your priorities are just that, very personal, and by taking a whole-life view of challenges, you become aware, forward-looking and focus on the results you want.

Reducing stress and anxiety

As the key decision maker it’s not unusual to feel overwhelmed and isolated. Increased clarity through the diagnostic process is empowering. Clients have benefited from solutions ranging from full succession planning through to stronger delegation and processes.

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Stop doing everything

Businesses grow and change as does the outside world. So new expertise is needed, often expensive expertise. Getting this right really matters. Through diagnosing the business issues, clients can accurately identify and successfully on-board and manage new senior hires.

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Better relationships

Balancing the demands of your business with personal commitments can cause guilt, stress and a sense of frustration in relationships. By including both personal and organisational considerations, you can map out a more balanced life while still achieving success.

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New clarity and direction

It may be time to pivot a business or, for example review go to market strategy or positioning. Lot’s to think about to create a fresh momentum. You benefit from improved decision-making by understanding competing priorities and aligning these to your personal goals.

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Beating Imposter Syndrome

Feeling out of your depth or responsibilities are a too much can be debilitating. The Leaders Diagnostic Service provides access to experienced business leadership expertise throughout the process, allowing you to grow in a safe and supportive environment.

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Reducing the fear of failure

Fear is associated with two things, the unknown and consequences of actions. Leaders benefit from a building confidence, knowing that their decisions are based on a thorough consideration of their situation, un-earthing key priorities to create actionable plans.

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1. Time To Breathe

We instinctively sense when things aren’t right. Acknowledging the underlying contributing factors can be far more difficult. Our Dynamic Diagnostic Process simplifies thoughts and ideas into identifiable changes.

2. Consider The Possibilities

Working together, we build a picture of the priorities and their associated potential, both good and bad. We identify the complexity of task and the sequence that fits the goals you want to achieve in your timeframe.

3. Planning Better Outcomes

Time, resources and energy are precious commodities. How they are used makes all the difference as does keeping things simple. Galvanise and engage your teams to play a full part in activating change.

4. Be And Feel Supported

So many business plans remain just that. Plans. Consistent external accountability and time to discuss progress really matters. We build in diarised 1-2-1 time which remains in place for as long as is needed.



Here are just some of the sectors who’s leaders have grown and seen their businesses re-energised with The Leader’s Diagnostic.

What Clients Say

“As 15 year founders we needed fresh direction, and wanted an exit for our web platform studio. The Leader’s Diagnostic helped me to develop in my role as business leader, and to significantly improve our business performance. Working together, we fixed some key business challenges and achieved our exit expectations on schedule. We couldn’t have done it without this service.”

— Louis



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