Enjoy a structured and efficient process
focussing on your challenges and creating new movement.

Respecting Your Time And Energy

The Leader’s Diagnostic has evolved with busy B2B service leaders in mind. It provides a time and resource-efficient approach to your personal and business development.

I want you to help maximize your productivity and focus on what matters most in your business.

Module 1 : Time To Breathe


Module 2 : New Possibilities


Module 3: Better Outcomes


Module 4: Be Supported



Here is the standard timeline for working together.

You have flexibility choice in how quickly to work through the modules of The Leader’s Diagnostic to suit your schedule.

There is a blend of Consultant-led and Leader individual work in a format allowing for maximum flexibility and time management.

I use my experience of working with many leaders to support and encourage to get the most out of the process.

Engagement Begins

Time To Breathe Module

Introduction to The Leader's Diagnostic
Consultant-led Session
Time 2 to 3 Hours
Pre-Session Information Review
12 Topics (6 Personal & 6 Business) Overview

Dynamic Diagnostic Completed

Time To Breathe Module

Un-Earthing Priorities
Leader Independent Work
Elasped Time 2 to 3 Days (Min)
Leaders Can Work At Their Pace & Convenience
Thoughtful Consideration Of Priorities

Priority Review

New Possibilities Module

Selecting Priorities
Consultant-led Session
Time 2 to 3 Hours
Analysis Of Diagnostic Outcomes
Consequence Analysis And Priority Focus

Action Planning

Better Outcomes Module

Aligning Resources To Change Objectives
Consultant-led Session
Time 2 to 3 Hours
Multiple Resource Factors Considered
Bespoke Action Plan For Maximum Impact

Senior Consultant Access

Be Supported Module

Frequent Leader's Accountability Sessions
Consultant-led Session
Initially Monthly - Time 2 to 3 Hours
Tracking Progress And Identifying New Hurdles
Discussion Around Possible Interventions


Clients connect technically using video conferencing on a device of their choice. Mobile phones though aren’t recommended due to the topics and information formats we work with. Email requests are also a good way to communicate and exchange information. Meetings can be booked at mutually convenient times using an online calendar. Your first meeting may look something like this.

  • MODULE: Time To Breathe


  • DATE:

    May 4th, 2024


    Engagement Begins

Live 1-2-1 Sessions

Confidential & Responsive


Intervention Options

Supporting Processes

Bespoke Outcomes


Honest Discussions

Live 1-2-1 Sessions

Starting with your initial enquiry, the work we do is totally confidential in every way.

There are no group sessions or cohorts.

This is your time and your time alone.

The Leader’s Diagnostic service creates a space for complete and responsive focus on you and your ambitions.

It’s designed this way for thorough and frank information exchange between us.

To generate speed in overcoming challenges and build solutions together.


Moving through the modules is an exciting time.

As clarity emerges, it creates opportunities that develop forward momentum.

“Clarity Empowers.”

At all stages we look for interventions that are appropriate and timely based upon the analysis work that we do together.

This trust-building interaction means that we are constantly seeking improvement in your circumstances at all times.

Supporting Processes

Your circumstances are unique.

Yes they may be similar to others on the surface.

But somewhere important, your challenges differ from anyone else’s.

Your reality, that is the combination of factors that describe your business and life, demands a bespoke plan.

We get to that plan using the Dynamic Diagnostic Process that stimulates thought and drives focus.


Dialogue in client relationships is positive, motivational, and highly enjoyable.

There can be times though when a conversation isn’t comfortable, or is particularly hard to swallow.

Think of it as throwing a pebble a pond.

At these times, honesty in relationships really matters.

Clients tell me that they highly value this honest debate and discussion. It always brings new approaches and perspectives to each situation.

What Clients Say

“The reality of life as a founder is that it’s all too easy to be too close to the business.

The Leader’s Diagnostic service has helped us to answer the tough questions to ensure the business is in the best possible shape for growth or sale.”

— Abi


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