The Leader’s Diagnostic is accessible and powerful, quickly delivering insights and priorities to generate clarity and action.

The service is designed around 4 modules, each created to give you the maximum visibility of your current situation,
the time to unearth game-changing priorities and
expert guidance to put them into action.

Time To Breathe : Discovering The Issues

Time To Breathe module overview:

Take time to explore the 12 topic areas covered by The Leader’s Diagnostic model, 6 personal, 6 organisational. Understand your unique circumstances, goals, and challenges and how they connect. Create a holistic view of your personal and business landscape. See your thoughts simply collated for a new perspective.

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New Possibilities : Yours To Shape

New Possibilities module overview:

Work with your newly unearthed priorities, spanning across your personal business landscape. Evaluate your priorities as a full picture, seeking out those which will best suit your goals and objectives. Gauge the impact and consequences of change as part of the process. Select and bring fresh focus to your future planning.

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Better Outcomes : Your Action Plan

Better Outcomes module overview:

Use your renewed focus to craft your bespoke action plan, built around your needs as leader. As your priorities compete for scarce resources, flesh out the actionable steps that will get these priorities done. Consider several inputs such as timelines, finance, and include metrics to chart your progress. Get super-ready for movement.

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Be And Feel Supported : Expert Guidance

Be Supported module overview:

Squeeze maximum value from the monthly Leader’s Accountability sessions to track progress. Discuss any problematic challenges as they arise through the implementation of your action plan. Lean on the expertise available and support yourself as the objectives you have set begin to shape a new future.

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New And Experienced Leaders
Can Expect A Safe Space
To Explore Outcomes

Demands of leaders change as they develop in their roles. The flexibility to adapt to these demands is built into The Leader’s Diagnostic service.

Newly established leaders through to experienced large SME leaders have equally found real-life transformations that have created new momentum.

And the impact begins right from the beginning with the, Time To Breathe module, changing perspectives and creating clarity from the first moment.

As a leader you can have full confidence that the process is completely confidential and secure, allowing the frank exploration of any sensitive issues.

New Leaders

New leader challenges can be quite specific. Previously encountered issues have included:

  • Establishing a clear vision and strong market positioning
  • Aligning personal expectations with business goals
  • Navigating external factors and key relationships
  • Managing cash, revenue growth and profitability
  • Delegation and the development of consistent and repeatable sales processes

Experienced Leaders

Experienced leader challenges often have a different profile.  Here are some examples:

  • Responding to market dynamics and adapting to industry change
  • Profitability and organisational structure
  • Addressing senior team performance
  • Planning and implementing succession planning
  • Personal enthusiasm and focused goal achievement
  • Preparing and executing an optimal business exit

Safe Space

All leaders benefit from a highly professional service and can expect:

  • Safe and confidential space to discuss challenges and aspirations
  • Trusted advisor support to guide you
  • Experienced insight and learnings applicable to an array of business circumstances
  • Ongoing commitment through regular Leader’s Accountability sessions

Why What We Offer Is A Service

Change is implicit in moving business forward.
Many leaders find having external senior support when they need it through the process extremely valuable.

A client expressed this in a distinctive way…

“if you’ve not trekked across the Sahara before, it can be very helpful if you’re with someone who has.”– Client



Only a limited number of clients can benefit from The Leader’s Diagnostic at any one time. It’s to ensure that clients are guaranteed 1-2-1 time, creating consistency, trust and results.


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